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COM Breeders register procedure

If the system gives you an error message, please contact your National COM entity responsible/federation or send us an email to: infosiscom2018@gmail.com. Thank you.

-Your breeder ID Code is compulsory, and it starts always with your country code

Example: for the United Kingdom: UK, for Holland: NL

You can check your country code here.

Breeder number without any traces, comas or slashes

If for example your breeder code is AA43 from the UK, it will become UKAA43

If you are AA43 from Holland it becomes NLAA43

After registering, you must wait at least 48h for your account to be activated

When entering your data, it means that you accept to share it with the COM and their affiliated federations for all statutory objectives, under the RGPD UE regulation

When you register and/or when you enter yourself in a event, you are accepting:
- To be affiliated to the COM through your COM national Entity
- To respect the COM Statutes and the COM and OMJ Regulations, notably the COM Internal Regulation, the OMJ Regulation, the COM disciplinary Regulation and the COM deonthologicl code.
- To respect the rechnical and sportive specific regulations of the events where you are beeing entered

All the COM and OMJ regulations can be found at : www.conforni.org

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